March 9, 2015

Steal Her Style #2

emma watson, striped pants, harem, leather sandals, navy blazer, raybans, plain white tee, tshirt, outfit, inspiration

Emma Watson is without a doubt one the most liked celebrities in Hollywood. Her sweet personality makes all that she does instantly likable. She is also seen as fashion icon for many. Her mix of English prep and California cool is perfect for any summer outfit. I especially like this outfit she is seen in above because she looks so chic but considering she is pictured here in an airport, we can assume she chose a comfy outfit. This outfit is perfect for a casual summer day whether you are just relaxing or going out in the afternoon.

1. Aqua Blazer {Bloomingdales}
2. Gap Essential Short Sleeve U Neck T {Gap}
3. Maison Scotch Striped Cropped Trouser {Farfetch}
4. Leather Flat Sandals {ASOS}
5. Ray Ban Wayfayer Sunglasses {Farfetch}

What is your favorite part of this outfit and Emma's style? I really love these types of leather sandals that have come into style lately. I definitely will be getting a pair soon! I hope you all are having an amazing summer. Leave comments for another celebrity whose style you love and I will re-create their look!

xx Meghan


  1. I love the navy jacket! So cute

  2. You look lovely! Such good replicas! x

  3. I love your aqua blazer! Mine is the R&M Richards Scalloped Sequin Lace Bolero with my favorite bodycon black dress. I salute you for stealing Emma Watson style!