August 14, 2012

Makeup Bag Essentials

I am not someone who likes to bring a full load of makeup to school but rather stick to the things that'll be good to have around in case I smudge my eye makeup or forget to use something in the morning. If you want to bring more makeup related products I'd definitely recommend things that can be multi purposeful. Choose a lipstick that isn't only a great shade for you lips but also could double as cream blush. Things that have dual purposes will save you space in your makeup bag and you will have less things to worry about bringing.

Personal hygiene is one of the most important things to keep up. However, everyone has had that one day that they are running late and forgot to put on deodorant or brush their teeth. Keep miniature sizes of those products so you will never have to worry. I also would have to say if you can find a miniature size of anything, get it, especially for something that needs to be portable like your makeup bag. Another thing that is helpful to stay feeling refreshed at school are oil absorbing sheets. After gym class or even if you just have oily skin, these sheets will remove excess oils without ruining your makeup.

It can be hard to feel nice when you are having a bag hair day. Keep extra hair ties and bobby pins in your bag just in case your locks won't cooperate. I also like to have these sorts of things just for when I want my hair out of my face. I usually put my hair up when I am taking a test or you may need to put in back in science class.

For actual makeup, I keep it pretty low key. The main things I have in my makeup bag are lip products. I like to keep a lip balm, gloss, and some sort of stain or tint. The three things shown in the picture are staples in my makeup bag. It is also super easy to add a little bit of makeup to your lips and you will look super polished after.

About at the mid day point at school I feel like my skin looks a bit tired and less glowy than it did in the morning. This is why I prefer to keep a matte bronzer in my makeup bag, but you could totally switch this up for a light, translucent powder. You can use the applicator, if it comes with one, or just a miniature sized face brush or kabuki. I don't wear pencil eyeliner too much but for some reason I think it is a useful thing to keep in your makeup bag for touch ups or if you decide you want to amp up your eye look. Mascara is definitely a number one must have! Keeping a mini sized bottle in your purse can be a life saver in case you forgot to apply it in the morning or just need another coat.

These are all the things I keep in my makeup bag! Let me know your must haves for yours in the comments. If there are any other Back to School types posts you would like to see let me know what those are also.

xx Meghan


  1. I love Maybelline Baby Lips and those hair ties are so cute!

  2. me too..I like your make up choice to bring to school:)

    have a great day;0


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  4. I've never heard about Clean&Clear Oil absorbing sheets before now! I will most probably buy a pack just to be prepared!

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