August 9, 2012

Steal Her Style #1

As summer comes to end and fall makes its way in, our light and airy clothes may get pushed to the back of our closets. This look is a perfect way to transition your summery clothes into a bit chillier weather. In this series I will be taking a celebrity look and finding similar items that are much more affordable so everyone can recreate their awesome style.

I love this look by Jennifer Lawrence because it is super carefree and comfy yet that slit in the maxi adds some drama. Keep in mind that the colors and styles aren't always the same but I try to match them as close as I can while still staying rather affordable. If there is a certain celebrity or picture you'd like me to recreate either comment the link down below or email me!

1. Soprano Milla Ruffle Maxi Dress {Nordstroms}
2. Buckled Flap Crossbody {Forever 21}
3. Women's New Classic Flip Flops {Old Navy}
4. Retro Knitted Grey Cardigan {ROMWE}
5. Jessica Sunglasses {American Apparel}

What was your favorite part of this look? Also let me know of any other celebrities you'd like to see, or if you can find a closer match to Jennifer's outfit comment it down below!

xx Meghan


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