August 8, 2012

Back to School Style: The Perfect Book Bag

My favorite and most stressful part of going back to school is buying a new bag. I always try to find my favorite and basically scour the entire internet for it. Depending on the type of school you go to and your needs, it will probably determine the bag that will suit you the best. For some people a backpack is the the best choice however, in my case I use just a normal purse. Here are some of my favorite options for going back to school in style.

Traditional Backpack with a Stylish Spin

There are so many cute alternatives to your standard Jansport backpack. I love all the floral prints and designs I've seen on these bags. I also just prefer to look of backpacks of these style, they are just a bit nicer looking than a standard zip up. You can choose between fun materials like denim, canvas or leather to match your style. Backpacks are also great if you need to be hands free, because most of the time you can fit a binder or book inside of them. The two straps also will not strain your back as much as a normal purse would.

Crossbody Hottie

If you can carry your books and binders between classes and don't really need to bring much else with you, a small to medium sized shoulder bag is a great pick. Something like a messenger bag is a perfect size to keep things such as writing utensils and other supplies you may need. If you are someone who likes to stick to the essentials a smaller bag may work best for you. I also find that they don't get as unorganized as my larger bags because everything inside it will have a place. These also work super well for transitioning from school to going out with your friends to events like football games or to grab some food. You can just toss in your wallet and some lipgloss and you'll be set!

Tote-ally Perfect

If you want the best of both worlds, opt for a stylish tote or shoulder bag. You will have the size and space of a back pack with the look of a purse. Large purses can work awesome if you need to bring some snacks or a small book that you don't want to carry. And you won't have to sacrifice space because of the larger size! I love bags with outer pockets so I can have a few things in easy reach especially when I have a larger sized bag. I don't want to be digging around through the whole thing just to find a pen or pencil! Larger sized bags come in all different shapes and materials so you definitely can find one that'll fit your style.

Make sure you choose a bag that will work best for not just your style but also your schooling. Figure out what will be most practical for you and with all the many options out there you are sure to find one you'll love. If you are interested in a particular bag in the picture above check out My Polyvore for links to where you can buy these certain bags. Let me know your favorite way to carry your school supplies around campus in the comments!

xx Meghan


  1. great post in great timing! I'm looking for a black comfy but elegant :P

  2. I carry a Jansport book bag to school it cute and pink & white. I love the floral print book bags though. I want to get a new book bag next year for college and I need something cute.

  3. Last year I bought my first backpack since the 6th grade (I was in 12th last year) but I didn't want to buy just any backpack because I hate the look of them! I bought a Marc Jacobs one because I was uhbsessed!!! haha! Fashion Girl Solutions! ;D

    xo, Lizz