December 22, 2011

Clean Sweep

Washing your brushes is a very important step in not only makeup sanitation but also the cleanliness of your skin and face. Old makeup that is sitting in the fibers of your brushes can lead to bacteria and other icky stuff, and it may even be a contributing factor to breakouts and acne. Even if that is not what causes your breakouts, it is still necessary to wash your brushes. Everyday would be the best, but we all know that isn't practical. Try to clean your brushes at least once a week. I know that I struggle to do even that, but if you get in the habit it wont be that much of a chore. Continue reading for tips and the steps to take when cleaning your makeup brushes.

Tips and Tricks

- If you tend to use very dense face brushes you may want to wash your brushes before a day that you know you wont need them. I noticed my really thick brushes can sometimes take more than just overnight to dry.

- When cleaning different types of brushes, especially eye brushes, make sure you help them retain their shape. Clean flat shader brushes by sweeping them up and down and clean dome shaped brushes with a swirling motion.

- Don't get the part of the brush were the metal meets the wooden end wet. This can cause your brushes to break off because the glue might get loosened. Also allow your brushes to dry lying down on a flat surface. If they are upright water may seep down into the brush.

On the market there are multiple brush shampoos and cleansers. Most of them tend to be on the more expensive side. There are also ways to make your own spot cleaners and deep conditioners for your brushes at home. The only one I have ever tried is this one (here) by EnKoreMakeup on Youtube. However I now just use Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and it works great!

What You'll Need

- Your choice of cleanser. (Baby shampoo, homemade, or store bought)
- A wash cloth. (Preferably something old because it will get very dirty and possibly stained.)
- A sink/water
- Dirty brushes!

It is also recommended that you clean brand new makeup brushes as well to make sure they are sterilized. After I get something I always like to try it out right away so I don't always follow this rule but it is good to keep in mind.

1. Get part of your wash cloth wet.
2. Put a dime size amount, or less, of your cleanser on the wet part of the wash cloth. Spread it around a little.
3. Wet the tip of your brush head. With the shape of the brush in mind, use the appropriate motion to rub it into the cleanser.
4. You may want to repeat Step 3 a few times in order to make sure your brush gets as clean as can be.
5. Wipe the brush off on a dry towel and let it lay out over night to dry.


Now that you've learned how to clean your brushes I hope you go try it out! Good luck and leave a comment on what your favorite brush cleanser is!

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