December 21, 2011

Organizing Jewelry

I used to keep all my jewelry hidden in boxes and drawers and I found I never seemed to wear any of it. As the saying goes, out of sight out of mind, and that is just what I did. I wanted to create a way to store while also displaying my jewelry. I came up with a few different ways to store all my different pieces, including a DIY project I did that I'd love to share with you all!


My biggest dilemma was all of my shorter, more delicate necklaces. I had nowhere to put them. All my longer, chunkier necklaces are draped across my mannequin and I didn't want my smaller ones getting tangled up in that. So what I did, I cut down a tree branch from my back yard, one with lots of smaller branches coming off. I trimmed down the branches and spray painted it black and there we had it. There are similar decorations and actual jewelry organizers that resemble tree branches, especially from Urban Outfitters, but mine didn't cost a penny!


For my bracelets, some I hang off some tree branches, but my nicer bracelets I use a bracelet display stand (they really don't have a name, but if you search that, they will come up). I found mine at Michael's Craft Store, but you can find them a lot of different places, especially on line.



If you are like me and love/have a lot of rings I suggest separating your rings into two different categories: "everyday" and cocktail. By everyday I mean, rings that have maybe only like a band or one stone in them (does not mean you can't wear cocktail rings everyday ;), unless the stone is bigger than an inch!, it would be cocktail, your bigger and more statement piece rings. For my "everyday" rings, I use a hand...sounds weird right? But I'll show you in a minute... And for my cocktail rings I put them all in a small glass, cube. There are tons of different ways to store you rings, but it really depends on the type you have and the quantity to make sure you can store them neatly.



You might of had one when you first got your ears pierced, a little mesh stand to hang earrings off. I think earrings can be one of the cutest things to display. Here's another semi DIY project you could work on to store your earrings: get a piece of mesh from somewhere like Home Depot, find a frame that you like, but down the mesh to fit the frame, spray paint the mesh and/or the frame depending on what you want, put the two together, hang it up on your wall! Here are some other ideas in the form of pictures.


Hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration to display your jewelry or even test out a new DIY project! 


  1. Oh I so need to do something about my jewellery being in a big messy heap! Thanks for spurring me into action! I made a wall hanger/organiser for my cosmetics, maybe I need one for my jewels too!
    Have a look at my organiser if you like

    Lovely blog!

  2. These are so awesome. I need to start doing this. But at the same time I feel like if I do it will just be so pathetic at the lack of jewelry I own (especially earrings all of mine are lost or broken. ><

  3. It's funny that I found this post because organizing my jewelry is actually the next project I want to work on over my break. I love Urban Outfitters' jewelry stands. Great post!

  4. Wonderful jewelry ideas! I live near a forest so I am doing the branch tomorrow. I use a small manaquin for my everyday necklaces, and a great lucite earring storage container I got online at Its holds 100. And it folds into a drawer, its fabulous. My cocktail rings and necklaces, I put in beauitful jewelry boxes I have found at Goodwill. They have velvet linings and special ring drawers so they are out of the air and do not tarnish. I had so many everyday rings that I use jewelry gift boxes for each one lined in velvet and line them up in a drawer next to each other. Then I store them all in small jewelry bags This keeps your stones fresh. This way when I open the drawer, I can see them all and just pick what I want for the day. If you have a large ring collection like me, its works great. Its simplified my getting ready. I also have a large collection of vintage necklaces, and my Goodwill jewelry boxes have necklace hangers which work great for keeping them organized. That way you just turn the hanger to pick the one you want for the day.