December 4, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Haven't any idea what to get your family or friends for the Holidays? Whether you'd like to splurge on a gift or grab something cheap and quick, there are tons of options to choose from. You don't even have to buy the exact things I show. You can always go cheaper (or more expensive) but keep the idea!

Holiday Gift Sets are also great ideas and super easy. They take the stress work out of piecing together items! Figure out somethings that the person you are getting the gift for is interested in and go from there. But even if the packaging of the set it cute, you should still probably wrap it. Don't rush the wrapping process! Pay attention to what you are doing and choose paper and ribbon that complement each other. You can also personalize the wrapping to be even more sentimental, by adding meaningful charms or monogramming. I know that all sounds pretty obvious, but there are so many people who do not take the time to adequately wrap a present. I have noticed that just the decorations of a present can almost be as good as the present itself, even if it will get teared off in a matter of seconds. And if you are at a big gift exchange party of sorts, your present will get all the compliments!
1. Juicy Couture "Stardust" iPad Case: $68 Nordstroms
2. Warm Vanilla Sugar Travel Set: $10 Bath & Body Works
3. Chain Floppy Hat: $20 Forever 21
4. Harmony Gloss 3: $12 Sephora
5. Starbucks Giftcard
6. Watch Gift Set with Interchangeable Bezel Face: $64 Asos
7. Kate Spade "Charm Magazine" iPhone 4 Case: $40 Nordstroms 
8. My Wonderful World of Fashion "Coloring" Book: $15 Barnes & Nobles
9. "Ditsy" Cosmetic Bag: $5 Forever 21
10. Fairisle Cuff Slipper Boots: $28 Monsoon
11. 88 Color "Warm" Eyeshadow Palette: $25 Amazon
12. Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum 1.7oz: $77 Ulta
13. Cindy Smith Women's Turquoise Bangle Bracelets: $25 Sheplers
14. "Krisss" Sequin Flats: $60 (price reduced from $80) Steve Madden
15. Mani-Pedimergency Kit: $10 Ms. & Mrs. 

Good luck shopping this season! Have fun and be creative!
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