December 5, 2011

Desk of Champions

*WARNING* This is a rather long post! Don't say I didn't warn you!
Admit it. We have all gone through the state of feeling like we  have the most cluttered desk in the world. Organizing and simplifying your desk, while beautifying your it can be extremely simple (and actually quick depending on the state your desk is in beforehand).

First Off...

- Clean everything off your desk. Make sure you have ample space on your floor so you don't create even more of a mess. Next take a dust rag and clean off your desk and any items that have collected dust.
- Organize your things into piles. Something like: books, pens/pencil/other utensils, decorations, and electronic related things. This will normally differ for everyone depending on what you want most accessible on your desk or what your desk is primarily used for.
- Come up with a game plan. Mapping out where you want things to be place in your head. Choose areas for certain items that not only the most logical but also aesthetically pleasing.


Now, Time to Decorate!

The focal point, such as a computer should be what you start with. Try your monitor is in the center of your desk. But, depending on the space issues it can go in one of the corners or angled out. 

Start placing books on your desk. You can stack them vertically or horizontally. Make the spines facing out and line up the bottom edge of the books or push them all against a wall.

Note: One thing you should always be paying attention to is the length, height, and widths of your items. Knowing how to place things according to these criteria will automatically make your desk look nicer.

When placing your keyboard, making it parallel to your monitor will help it flow better. Also, the little organizer can be very helpful. If you need things like paper clips, tape, or sticky notes often this is a great idea to try on your desk.

Lighting and Seating

One this I can honestly say I am obsessed with right now are "ghost" or lucite plastic chairs. They look so modern and sleek and if you are working with a smaller space, can give the illusion of have more room. They come in a bunch of different styles that could match any room. 

It is also a good idea to illuminate your desk. Whether that be with a floor lamp, table lamp, or chandelier one thing I have been seeing a lot of is reflective lighting. What I mean by that it is a mirrored or metallic base. They add a certain "glam" factor to even the most boring desk.


Sorry for the rather long post. I tend to ramble...I even cut out a bunch of stuff to make it all fit, haha. Even if you didn't reading it all I hope you found some inspiration from the photos. Good luck de-cluttering!

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  1. This is wonderful. All the lovely desk pictures u inclucded in here are very inspiring. If only I had a desk (minus my one at college). haha. I will deff be favoriting this for when I move out. :)