December 7, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

On the hunt for a good, new foundation? Well, look no further! Lately I have been loving the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I have always been on the fence with liquid foundations, due to my fear of cake-y makeup, however I don't think my skin has ever looked any better with makeup on than when I use this. It gives your face a sheen, which some people dislike (mainly the oily skinned girls out there), however I have moderately oily skin, and I have found that the more moisturized my skin is, the better this foundation looks (I think I may do a little skincare type post too, b/c when I say moisturized, I am not just talking about a normal face lotion. I have a little, semi-secret trick! Let me know what you think!) . Not to say that this isn't for girls with dry skin, I would not really know that, it's just something I've noticed. Now to the other pros and cons...

The Pros

- Has an SPF 18
- Relatively cheap at $5-8
- Comes in 18 shades
- Coverage ranges from 
light to a 
build-able medium

The Cons

- You may look shiny, 
thus having to 
set with a powder
- Does not have a pump
- Some say it worsened
  oil production 

Having relatively oily skin myself, I don't find this to be to overbearing on my skin. That being said, I do not have very sensitive skin and makeup tends not to make me break out. I just want to put that opinion out there so you can all be aware.

This definitely won't give you a matte face, as I have said before, and I know some people like that for fall/winter. However, I like a little more glow and life to my skin which is something I like about this. It also really becomes one with your skin, and doesn't sit like a veil over your face (coincidentally, that is sort of their slogan for this foundation). I blends very easily, I just apply it with my fingers. For areas I need more coverage I take whatever foundation I have left on my hand and concentrate it on those places, and I find that works very well. If you have a more severe case of scarring or unevenness you'd probably want something else along with the foundation to conceal with.

I would definitely recommend this foundation! If you like a dewy, healthy complexion I would say to try this out. If you are worried about the oil factor, try to find a good setting powder. Hope you have good luck with this foundation if you decide to try it out!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of my detailed pictures/swatches. However, the link underneath the header image of this post will take you to a wonderful blog post with great pictures contain the ingredients, official description, and swatches of four different shades. I have been quite busy lately, but I wanted to post something tonight! More informational posts are on their way!

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