December 1, 2011

White Collar

Reading through a magazine last night, I noticed a lot of the big knit sweaters, which was understandable, considering it's winter time. However, I noticed a small detail that I thought was a cool twist on just a plain sweater. A peek-a-boo collar! This look is a great mix of feminine, menswear, classy, and especially comfy! 

I got these images off of Polyvore, and with my Photoshop skills I cut the collared shirts down to make it appear that they were peeking out of the sweaters. This can really work with any collared shirt and sweater you have, just make sure the width of the neckline and the size of the collar is somewhat proportional. By that I mean that if you have a sweater with a really long neckline, like it could almost pass as an off the shoulder, a shirt with a larger collar will generally look a bit better. I also love it when the collar sits over the hem of the neckline!

In the first image (top left), I used a very basic sweater and this great mustard/marigold button up. I love that the collar is rounded and since the sweater is a bit of a scoop neck, keep the shirt underneath buttoned up all the way. You may think you'll look almost too conservative, but I promise you, it almost even adds a girly touch.
In the second (top right), was just your normal sweater, very run-of-the-mill design and shape. But I added this larger rounded collar that even have embellishment of it to add a little pizzaz and sparkle! The shine against the cozy knit screams trendy.
The third sweater (bottom left), I used a very chunky cream knitted sweater. I like that the knit details are very large on this sweater. The colors of the medium wash denim and the cream sweater are a great combo and with some skinnies and black booties could look extra edgy.
The last sweater (bottom right), has a deeper "V" neck. Because of this, you'll have even more room to house a bigger collar. I used a big bow tie collar, again mixing cream and blue. It's extra cute if you have a bow with even longer tails so they fall down over the sweater!

Hope you had some new inspiration to re-wear your favorite sweaters this season! Enjoy XOXO M

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