November 29, 2011

Ruby in the Rough

I love the warmth of jewel tones, especially in the winter. For holiday season, going with these rich hues will definitely stand out amongst the crowd at any get together. There are many ways to incorporate jewel tones into your outfits, through makeup, clothing, accessories, etcetera. Here are a few looks I put together as inspiration.

By the way, I created these photo sets off of Polyvore, follow me! I also would like to throw out there, that the clothes I used are not necessarily the clothes I'd recommend, seeing most of them are pretty pricey. I just looked through the pictures till I found ones I liked; these are just for inspiration.

Outfit #1

This festive color is a statement in itself. Add some sparkling accessories and shine this holiday season. I love the shade of this dress, so gorgeous! The accessories add that perfect edge to the simple dress. With the stud earring, detailed heel, drape-y necklace, metallic belt, and sequin clutch there is a perfect balance of grunge and put together-ness.

Outfit #2

Great for a more casual holiday party or social event. The more muted teal lets the bright magenta be the big statement of this look, while all the accessories are like it's supporting actresses. Because you don't want to go completely matchy-matchy, keep your eye makeup neutral and I also chose a nude toned bag to not throw anything off.

Outfit #3

Pop a plain black and white shift dress with some earthy orange heels to show your dedication to the fall and winter weather. This outfit shows you that you don't always have to choose jewel toned clothes. This orange really warms up the basic dress. However, when matching these specific colors, black and orange, and in this outfit's case, white, remember: We aren't in October anymore. Try not to look too much like Halloween by breaking up the colors and adding maybe even a multi-tone accessory (as in the yellow and orange bracelet) to make the look less tri-chromatic. I love the look of these polka dot tights and adding white nail polish, while not very winter-y per say, would look super chic!

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