November 28, 2011

Make Your Mochas at Home!

I have tried for literally years to perfect the art of making a Mocha Latte! Until yesterday, I discovered how to make one with only three ingredients and it tastes delicious! It still isn't Coffee Bean good (I have this joke that I want to work there for like a day so I can figure out how they make theirs and then quit and just make it for myself, shh don't tell ;), but to warm me up for the winter, it's great!

The main component of this is a mocha powder. I know that sounds really obvious but I thought I'd be able to get it right with some coffee and chocolate. Compared to this, boy!, was I wrong. I recently got this Maxwell House: International Cafe Suisse Mocha Powder from the grocery store. This is the only powder I've tried but I saw others there as well so keep your options open! One of the main reasons I got this was also that is decaf which is good for when I want a hot drink before bed.


1. Add about 4 tbsp of the Mocha powder into a normal sized mug.

2. Heat up between one and a half to two cups of milk (or water) in the microwave.
Depending on if you want to add coffee or not will determine how much milk you'd want to add, obviously less milk if you'd like to add coffee.

3. Add the steaming hot milk to your mug and mix until there are no more clumps, making sure there aren't any pockets of powder at the bottom of the mug either.


4. Optional: Fill the remainder of the space in the mug with coffee, if desired, and mix again.

5. Top off with a little whip cream and you are ready to go! 

Enjoy! XOXO M

P.S. I apologize for the possibly bad photos, I took them off my phone...

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