November 27, 2011

Winter Makeup Trends

1. Smokey Eyes + Dark Lips: Normally, when doing a dark lip or a harsh eyeshadow look, we opt for a more natural version of it's opposite. However, mixing the two can create a sultry and smokey look as long as you do both in complementary ways. Pick colors that can play off each other or are in the same color family. As in the first picture, the red-violet lips hint at a gorgeous jewel tone that is also used in the bronze eyes.
2. Eyeliner: With all the different options for eyeliner out there, this trend has endless possibilities. This look was seen with a more bare face or a light pink flush. You could also go towards the more frosty colors. My personal favorite is winged liner because I feel that it suits me the best. Play around and try to find your favorite formulation and style of eyeliner for this season!
3. Natural Makeup: However weird this may sound for winter, natural makeup really dominated much of the runway. Keep your face makeup light and use eyeshadow sparingly. Add some bold lashes and maybe a frosty white in the inner corner and you'll be looking as fresh as the first snow of the season.
4. Bold Brows: No matter how many times you've heard it before, brows really do frame your face. If you are new to brow shaping and grooming. I recommend going with your natural shape this can be found by holding one of your makeup brushes vertically against you nose, it should line up with the beginning of your eyebrow. From the outermost corner of your nostril, hold the brush at an angle to is intersects your pupil if you were to be looking straight forward, and that should be where your arch is. Lastly, going again from the corner of your nostril, line up the brush with the outer corner of your eye, and that is where your brow should end. Speaking of the end of your brow, another thing to try is elongating your brows, or going further than your natural end if you are feeling extra bold.

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