January 14, 2012

You are Fashion, but You are not Cancer


It is always important for women to feel that they are beautiful. More importantly than that, they should hear it. I know how good I feel when I have on a cute outfit or feel stylish. When going through a hard time, it is easy to loose oneself, especially if you feel you don't look your best. Fashion is a great way to be creative and express individuality, while boosting self-confidence. This article that Jackie wrote for me to feature on my blog is really inspiring and I am so glad I got the opportunity to share it with you all!

You are Fashion, But You are Not Cancer

By: Jackie Clark 

Women with active cancer do not have to look in the mirror and feel unattractive. There is a temptation to do this because a woman with cancer uses so much of her mental and physical energy in battling her disease. But, again, she can still look attractive. Maybe this sounds superficial, but it isn't.  How a woman feels about herself is more than being able to attract the opposite sex or looking professional and well fitted at work. The way a woman feels about herself affects her health, as well. Of course, being a "fashion plate" is not a cure for cancer, but it is a pick-me-up, for sure. And as any woman undergoing cancer treatment knows, how she feels about herself affects her self-esteem and feelings of being in control. Cancer feels uncontrollable, as does so much of life in general. But any woman can control her overall "look." She can wear a color-coordinated ensemble and feel better about herself right off the bat. She doesn't have to spend her waking hours running around in a silly hat. She can put on a "Locks-of-Love" wig and look downright attractive. She can wear a sharp, navy blazer over a pair of blue jeans and a white shell. She can complement this outfit with a pair of thin, blue-and-white trouser socks and a pair of low-healed red pumps. She can top it off by tying a red scarf around her collar. Looks count -- especially for the woman with cancer. It is one of the only aspects of herself that she has more than a modicum of control over. Of course, when she is enduring the aftereffects of chemotherapy, she can look as raggedy as she feels. She is absolutely entitled to that. But afterwards, she can pull together her wardrobe and look like a million bucks. One of the more recently publicized cancers is mesothelioma. If a woman doesn't smoke, her chances of recovery are greater. She can stand tall and fight it. If she is a smoker, she can take back her power and greatly improve her prognosis by quitting smoking. A support group will help her considerably, and so will the medications her doctor may give her to help take away her cravings. Part of not surrendering to a serious illness like cancer is the conscious decision for a woman to remain who she is. She is not cancer. She is Adele or Amy or Marilyn or Joanne. She can get up in the morning and take a brisk shower, put on her make-up and fix her hair or put on her wig. Then she can put on a pretty dress, nylons and a pair of her favorite heels.


  1. This is very sweet. :) My grandma survived breast cancer but the effects of chemo took a toll on her self esteem, especially when she lost her beautiful hair. It's difficult to maintain control over your life when you feel so overwhelmed. Great post!


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