April 9, 2012

Spring Break Essentials!

Right now, I am on Spring Break and I am so excited to soak up some sun and relax for a week! I am leaving for a vacation on Wednesday and I thought I throw together some of the essential things I want to bring with me.

In Your Beach/Pool Bag

- Headphones to listen to fun music!
- Tanning Oil and Sunscreen
- A good read!
- Sunglasses to protect your eyes 

What to Wear

- Cute crochet cover up
- White shorts to accentuate a tan!
- Tons of neon jewelry!!
- Casual flip flops
- Nicer (but comfortable) sandals
- Fun spring polishes!

I hope you all either had fun or a going to have fun on your spring breaks! Enjoy the time off and the (hopefully!) warm weather wherever you may be!
XOXO Meghan


  1. The pink and orange bracelets under the Marc Jacobs one are really cute.

  2. What sort of shorts do your recommend to people who don't tan? I'm pasty white and I'm pretty sure I'd blind people if I wore all white by the beach. Haha

  3. @Caitlin I would probably recommend something like a grey, washed denim. Delving into a true black or a white short can be very harsh against paler skin but I find that really all classic, blue denim works pretty well. Also, look for shorts that have cute details like patterned pockets or lace trim to add something fun to your look!