July 11, 2012

Currently Obsessing

If it isn't clear already, I have this teensy tiny obsession with pale pink. Literally everything in that color family draws me to it and I am just enamored by the shade. Last year some time I bought this purse in the picture above. It is such a gorgeous color and is made super well. It is also like my favorite style of purse too!

Ever since I saw {this} bag, the Coach Poppy Spotlight purse, I have been obsessed with purses with two pockets in the front. Yes, I know, what a weird thing to like however I just find it super cute! The trouble is though, that I can never seem to get this bag to be a daily staple.

Reason 1: I wear mostly gold jewelry and this bag sports silver.
Reason 2: I find it hard to wear the pink purse with some of my clothes.

I know that this bag especially won't look good with everything but it makes me so sad that this gorgeous purse isn't used to it's full potential. Have you guys ever encountered something like that? Where you love something so much but can't bring yourself to use it! Anyways, I thought I'd share this little tidbit with you guys because when I see this purse I think of spring/summer. Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

XOXO Meghan


  1. This is such a cute bag! Who is it designed by?



  3. The bag is so gorgeous, I love that light pink color! Ahh I have the same problem too! Except my bag has gold on it and I usually wear silver. (lol opposite problem :P)