July 9, 2012

Like S&R on Facebook!

Hey guys! You might have noticed I added some social networking buttons in the sidebar yesterday! And today I added and created a Facebook page! I thought it would be cool if I could have one so I could interact more with you guys! It'll also be a great way for you all the stay updated on what is going on over here. So go Like the Scarves and Rockets page over on Facebook! I am also planning on even having Facebook only content so you might even get some fun extras.

Spread the word about Scarves and Rockets by liking it on Facebook!

What would you like to see on the new Facebook page? Let me know in the comments!
XOXO Meghan


  1. I'm thinking about making a facebook page for my blog but I'm scared people from my school will see it. Do you think I should still make one?


  2. @The Funky Fashionista I was worried about that also, so I just made the page attached to a different email and FB account so it isn't linked to my personal one. I think you should make the decision to make a FB page if you feel that it will better your blog but not if you are uncomfortable with it. Who knows, maybe some people from your school could like it and then you'd get more followers! I totally understand your concern though, just do what you feel comfortable with!

  3. I've also just recently made a page of my blog! I like your Facebook page via mine.