July 25, 2012

iPhone Fashions

These days, it seems like iPhone are the new breed of purse puppies. We carry them everywhere and they seem to never leave our sight. Because of that, you shouldn't let your iPhone (or any phone for that matter!) be a sight for sore eyes. Doesn't all its hard work deserve it a fashionable look?  It is like adding a fun touch to your outfit, think of it as an extra accessory! You can mix and match your favorite prints, colors, and images to go along with you style for the day. I love looking for new phone cases and taking those few extra seconds to snap on a different case before you leave the house may just brighten your day!

Some of my favorite places to find iPhone cases are stores on Etsy. There are tons and tons of awesome and unique cases to fit anyones personality. You can basically just search your interests and you'll find many variations of your favortie things.

I also love to look through the cases on Nordstroms website. They have a super great selection of designer cases from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Tory Burch to Rebecca Minkoff. I am particularly fond of the Kate Spade cases! They may be a little bit pricier than other cases out there but definitely cheaper if you are looking to own a little bit of a name brand.

You can also find things to make your own case with like rhinestones, studs, spikes, and gems. You can also have a custom case made with your favorite picture on it. The possibilities are endless and the Google search bar awaits you! Hope you find the case of your dreams, let me know you favorite way to accessorize your cellular device in the comments below.

xx Meghan

P.S. While we are on the subject of iPhones, be sure to check out my instagram @scarvesandrockets! You'll get fun looks at some of the things I do that don't make it on the blog. I post pictures of stuff like my clothes, jewlery, and fun projects I am working on. I also have my Instagram linked to my Twitter so you can get updates there of when I post new pics as well. Happy social networking!


  1. I wish that I had an iPhone just so that I could dress it up with cute little cases. Is that bad? I would get a really cute case!


  2. great post! really like your blog. If you would like to visit mine, you can find it on www.thejuliadream.blogspot.com.
    Hope to year from you :)

  3. i need more cases! the one i'm using now is from harrods and it's super cute :3

    Pudding Monster

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