December 11, 2011

Choke Hold

Statement necklaces are everywhere lately. They are one of my favorite ways to really liven up an outfit and they look super bold! They are a bunch of different types of these stylish bibs: beaded, bejeweled, braided... the list goes on and on. There are even a few ways to make your own! These accessories can go from daytime to nighttime in a snap and can also be found in most places that sell jewelry. 

Another one of my favorite ways to wear this trend is with chains or choker type necklaces. This look can be very polished or grungy, depending on the clothes you pair with it. One of my favorite ways to wear a big necklace is underneath the collar of a button up shirt. Just like one of my posts a while back, White Collar. Adding a necklace to one of those pairings will look majorly gorgeous!

Also, here is a picture I took of myself rocking this trend! Hope you try out this trend and are having a fabulous day! 
Comment down below and tell me your favorite way to wear a statement necklace!! I'd love to hear from you all!


  1. Grat post! I completely agree, I love how a dramatic necklcace can transform the simplest outfit.
    I found you on IFB, great blog, i'm definitely following.


  2. I love the third one on the first pic.. my tipe is more of the flat ones, since the shape and size are already dramatic! Yours also is looking great! Nice way to pop up a white shirt!