December 14, 2011

Rain Check

With the weather starting to get chillier and the rain clouds moving in, it is easy to slip into a "sweatshirt everyday" mode. Draw some inspiration from these outfits I pulled together that will keep you comfy, warm and cute! These probably aren't the best idea for snow, but I don't live where it snows so I can't help you out there. The worst weather here is strong winds and rain, and these are some of the outfits I would wear on a cold day!

Tips to Stay Warm

- LAYER LAYER LAYER! I will layer and t-shirt under a sweater under a jacket. Adding tights or leggings under jeans will help keep your warm and from the gross feeling of wet denim!
- Take advantage of boots! Wear fuzzy socks to keep your toes warm, and no one will even know!
- Wearing a hat keeps heat escaping from your body, and a lot of heat escapes from your head (also from your feet), so covering those parts of your body will keep you extra warm! You'll notice the difference!

This is one of my favorite looks and I wear similar outfits often! I love the look of a leather jacket with a zip up underneath and the hood hanging over. It's just so cute! Some extra things to keep you warm that I added were a thermal top and some leggings. I love these boots, I wear them constantly! The mittens are a cute touch and will keeps your fingers warm! I also recommend a backpack or a larger back for when it rains, you don't want to be carrying around your binders and have your papers get all wet!

For the girl who doesn't want to give up fashion for bad weather, this is the outfit for you! The red cape is a great, bold color and I put a knit sweater underneath to keep warm. These rain approved wedges are to die for! The hat and the scarf are nice touches that look cute and will also keep you warm. The quilted bag, while it may not be very functional for rain, is super cute with this look. My favorite part is the clear bubble umbrella! I have one of these, not with the black trim, that I always bring when it rains. They are good for covering your face and look so chic! The only downside is that they aren't compact and you'll have to carry it around, but I think it's worth it!

Keeping up with a girly style in the rain can be tricky, but here's a good idea of how to maintain your femme look. The polka dot dress and the sweater look super adorable together and if you layer underneath will keep you cozy. Adding tights or leggings will keep your legs from freezing and I also found these cute blue leg warmers! These little oxford flats would look really cute, but if the rain is coming down hard, there is always a part of me that is drawn to a cute rain boot (especially these Burberry ones!) I love the mustard yellow and navy color combo, so thats why I added the bag.

For the  little girl in your life, whether that be younger sister, daughter, niece, etc., I put together this cute outfit that will help brighten up a gloomy day! I choose pink just as an example, but I think it would be really adorable if you did it with the girls favorite color! The puffer jacket will definitely keep you warm. I added a knit hat, scarf, gloves, and these polka dot rain boots! Underneath, you could go with a sweater and some fuzzy socks.

I hope you have some inspiration for you next rainy day! Let me know if you tried any of these outfits.
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