December 28, 2011

Ring Me Up

If my obsession with rings isn't already made clear, here is just another post of some of my favorite rings. Including my other obvious obsession with coral! I love just looking down at my hands and seeing rings on them, anyone else with me on that one? They just add such a great touch to any outfit. You can go bold with a fun cocktail ring or go a bit more understated with some simple stack rings. I definitely prefer gold over silver, but choose your favorite metal and stick with it when putting together and outfit. Mixing a silver cocktail ring with gold bands in the same look can end up badly.

Going off of the picture in the top left corner I'll let you know where all my rings are from. And here's a little secret! See the last image in the bottom right will the green hand! That's from my jewelry organization for my rings! I also featured the same hand, in a slightly different color from Urban Outfitters, mine's from Home Goods, in my Organizing Jewelry post!
On my pointer finger, the lightest color ring, and on my ring finger, the darkest color ring, are from H&M. All of the gold stack rings came in a set from H&M as well. On my middle finger, the really long ring, is from Forever 21. Which one is your favorite? Personally, I love the darker H&M one because it has a great blue veining through it which make it look like a real stone!

Also, my nail polish color is Ballet Slippers by Essie. This color is so gorgeous! I love light, off white colors, especially pale pink. Even though it's still winter I am still loving this color. And if you didn't notice, I added a fun little extra to the site's sidebar, Nail of the Day! As of right now, it shows this polish in an image including it's brand and name, however every time I change up my nails or find a new favorite I'll be sure to update it!
I also added a  Related Post widget so you can see other posts of mine that might interest you and a Share Button widget so you can spread the word about S&R! Let me know if you do!
XOXO Meghan


  1. Very awesome rings! I have also an obsessions for those little things. They make my hands happy ♥ haha

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  3. I love rings! I'm looking to get a great statement 2 finger ring :)