April 13, 2013

Nail Tutorial (on YouTube!)

Hey guys! I was playing around with some stuff today and I decided to make a nail tutorial and upload it on YouTube. I really like making videos and it was really fun to put this one together. I thought that it also would be easier for you guys to follow along to, more so than a few pictures. Please comment, like and subscribe if you like the video and want to see more! And remember to watch in HD for best quality!

These nails were inspired by an Instagram post I saw on Chi Nail Bar's page and I tried to re-create the look. Obviously they are not nearly as professional as the real thing, but I tried to make it simple to follow along to and also use the things that I had. I hope you all enjoy it and try it out!

xx Meghan

1 comment:

  1. we love chi! this looks realy cool! we're going to check out your channel now :)