April 12, 2013

Spring/Summer Swim Trends 2013

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Spring is out first taste of sumer and the warmer weather means beach days and poolside parties. This year, these swimwear trends are all the rage. Each different trend comes in a variety of colors and patterns so everyone is sure to find one they will like. Let me know what swimwear trends you'll be rocking this season in the comments!

1. Tankini: The term tankini has been re-newed this year to these adorable flowy tops. These are great for a sporty girl who wants to look a little more girly while running around in the sand. They are super comfortable and seem like a extra cute sports bra. This style is flattering on almost everyone and is very versatile.

2. Corset: If you are looking for a little more coverage or support, a corseted top is your best bet. Depending on if your chest size, the underwire can amp up your cleavage or just keep everything in place and help accentuate your curves. These totally make me think of adorable retro styles and all the cute floral patterns I have seen make them even better.

3. Fringe: If you are a true fashionista who doesn't want to give up their style for a swim, fringe bikinis are very unique and eye catching pieces. If you are small chested and want to feel more confident, he detailing along this suit draws attention to the chest in a good way and can disguise your size, similarly to ruffled tops. I love all of the neon colors the fringe style comes in and any one of those would look great on newly tanned skin.

Hope everyone had or is having a great spring break! Let me know what other kind of posts you would like to see  and I will try to work on those as soon as I can.

xx Meghan

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